Mid Herts Golf Club
The Golf Course is OPEN for play. Enjoy your round.

Mid-Herts Golf Club was founded in 1892 and opened for play in 1893, making it one of England's earliest golf courses. James Braid, famous as a golfer and a designer of golf courses, advised on the layout of Mid-Herts Golf course when it was extended to 18 holes in 1923.

The course is compact with gentle undulations and is par 69 for men off both the white and yellow tees and 72 for ladies. But don't be deceived-this is a remarkably challenging course and one that requires accuracy and will fully test your golfing skills. It plays 6060 yards off the white tees with 5 challenging and varied par 3's.

The putting surfaces are true and quick with intriguing breaks. Three holes feature two-tier greens. The course benefits from ongoing major investment. The heathland course drains well and allows  all year round play. The course appeals to the golfer who likes to be presented with challenges and options in order to achieve a good score.

There are several places where accuracy is needed in order to avoid the penalties of encroaching trees, thickish rough and out of bounds. Elsewhere there are opportunities to gain advantage with long hitting. Well made greenside and fairway bunkers are strategically positioned, requiring skill at both long and short recovery shots, the manicured aprons allow the golfer to profit from a strong short game.

Except for special events there is no need for golfers to book tee times. There are four starting points on the course, which allow for 2 and 3 or 4 ball games to commence at specific times off different tees. Golfers can normally expect to complete their round in 3 hours 30 minutes.

Tee times
Mid-Herts does not operate tee-time bookings apart from reservations for matches and societies.

There are four starting points on the course, which allow for 2, 3, and 4 ball games to start at specific times off different tees and cleverly distributes players. On most days, you can just turn up and play and members are welcome to join one of the swindles.

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Starting Points
Applicable every day unless changed by the committee for special occasions.

On Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and all day Saturday, 3 and 4 balls may start on any of the open starting points.

Time 2 Balls 3&4 Balls
6.45 am-8.00 am 1st Tee 10th Tee
8.00 am-8.45 am 6th Tee 1st Tee
8.00 am-9.00am* - 15th Tee
8.45-9.15 am* - 6th Tee
8.45 am-9.45 am 10th Tee 1st Tee
9.45 am-10.15 am 15th Tee 10th Tee
10.15 am-11.30 am 1st Tee 10th Tee
11.30 am-12.15 pm 6th Tee 1st Tee
11.45 am-12.30 pm* - 15th Tee
12.15 pm-1.15 pm 10th Tee 1st Tee
12.30pm-1.30pm* - 6th Tee
1.15 pm-1.45 pm 15th Tee 10th Tee
1.45 pm-3.00 pm 1st Tee 10th Tee
3.00 pm-3.45 pm 6th Tee 1st Tee
3.45 pm-4.45 pm 10th Tee 1st Tee
4.45 pm-5.15 pm 15th Tee 10th Tee
5.15 pm-6.30 pm 1st Tee 10th Tee
6.30 pm-7.15 pm 6th Tee 1st Tee

* Alternative morning and afternoon starting places for three and four ball matches