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General Notes on Competitions


All men’s competitions are played from White tees unless stated otherwise, all ladies competitions (including ladies playing in mixed competitions), are played from Red tees.


May be subject to change. Please refer to starting times and tees.
Monday Medal/Stableford: The Starting Points Grid applies. Must be played in 2 or 3-balls. 2-balls have no priority. Any 4-ball must play better ball format.


A member without an official CONGU handicap must submit at least 3 Mid Herts cards marked and signed by a member for allocation of a handicap. To qualify for entry to a Club knock-out competition or to win a Club competition a member must have a "Competition Handicap" of 28 or lower.


To enter a Supplementary Card for handicap purposes, a player must sign his/her intent to do so before playing in the appropriate book in the pro-shop.


A player must register his intention to compete by entering his/her name in the book provided and paying the entry fee before going out to play.
Players must return all cards including “No Returns”, from qualifying competitions. A player must play with a member who is also eligible for the same competition.
A player must pay a green fee if playing a competition outside his/her membership


Will be decided by extra holes played in sequence from the 1st hole played in the match, with handicap strokes allocated as in the first 18 holes


By card countback as follows:-

  • 18 hole competition to be decided on the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s)
  • Royds to be decided on a four hole play-off on holes 1, 2, 17, 18. If that does not produce a result then sudden death over the same four holes. If the result is still a tie, there will be joint winners and sharing of the prize money.
  • For knock out competitions the trophy will be awarded on a countback, hole by hole, from the final hole.


In order not to hold up the overall competition, it is the competitors’ joint responsibility to arrange matches to play these in good time and enter the result on the competitions sheet before the stated deadline. Failure to do this will result in disqualification.
Any requests for extension to deadlines, must have the written permission of the competition’s secretary.


May play in and may win any club competitions with the exception of knock-out competitions subject to the requirement to holding a ‘Competition Handicap’ (see above).


May be used in all competitions except the Royds/Scriven Jefferies 36 hole competition. Registered disabled and those with a dispensatory medical certificate may make use of a buggy even though the course may be closed to such.


  1. Junior members with a Club handicap of 18 or less may enter Monthly and Weekday Medal/Stableford Competitions. They may also play in the Eclectic.
  2. Junior members with a Club handicap of 12 or less may enter other specified Club competitions. Scorecards will be issued from the Pro-Shop where full information regarding competitions will be available.
  3. Junior members playing in adult Club competitions must play with and have their cards marked by an adult member who is eligible for the competition and who ideally is not a parent.
  4. Juniors playing in Club competitions will not pay an entry fee and may not win monetary prizes (including shop credit and vouchers)


Junior members may play after 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday during the winter months and after 12.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday through the summer months. Those with a Club handicap of 12 or less may also play Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Associate members may play before 12 noon on Sunday on payment of the appropriate green fee.
Five-day members may play at weekends on payment of the appropriate green fee. Five-day members may, after 12.30 on Sunday, introduce a guest at the appropriate green fee.


On weekend days when singles stroke play (Medal, Stableford and Bogey) competitions or foursomes competitions (Silver Goblets and President’s Plates) are held, fourball games may not be played, except that matches in club fourball knock-out competitions (Bowen Trophies, Berry Bowls) may start from 3pm using the fourball starting point.  Greensomes knockouts may be played at any time on these days. 


Summer is defined as the period starting from the date on which the clocks change in March to that on which the clocks change in October. The rest of the year is winter.


All tee reservations for any match, competition, corporate or society must be respected at all times, including when those groups are passing other starting tees.

Play from the White Tees is available to Gentlemen members and their guests at all times, otherwise the Yellow Tees are the ‘Tees of the Day’. Outside competitions, and in the best interests of golf enjoyment, Gentlemen members and guests may, if so desired, play from Red tees and Ladies may play from Yellow tees.

Inter-club matches and those groups playing greensomes shall use the assigned 4-ball starting points. The Club management, in order to allow large societies, has the discretion to amend/override the normal starting points. Members should check at the pro-shop and start their round at a place that best avoids delay to those playing in the Wednesday Eclectic competition.

Single players may, if they wish, play one or two balls, but they must not delay the play of other players.

Priority on the course is determined by a group's pace of play. Faster groups, irrespective of size, should be invited to pass slower groups. The term “group” includes a single player. If a distance loss of hole occurs between groups, the group behind should be invited through.

Cars may only be driven to the practice ground for a lesson with the professional.

Golf bags are not allowed in the lounge and nor should golf bags, golf shoes and holdalls be left in the lounge, entrance hall or lobby to the changing rooms.

Please keep mobile phones on silent. Any conversations should be made outside the clubhouse or in the car park; they may only be used on the course in the event of a medical emergency.


The Captain’s Committee has agreed that for Mens' competitions at least four rounds should be played to win a Board knock-out competition. Therefore, in future, if a competition has fewer than sixteen entries, league matches will be arranged, in order that the Board winners have played at least four competitions.


The Captain’s Committee requires that each competitor records the date and their name on their score card. Failure to do this may result in disqualification.

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